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4X4 to locations only helicopters & track vehicles venture


The Wildertec™ Suspension System and KXI’s entire suite of Wildertec products are designed specifically for commercial operations that require challenging 4×4 transportation.

Commercial applications for Wildertec products include:

  • Gas/Oil Pipeline Maintenance
  • Powerline Maintenance
  • Ski Resort Emergency Response
  • Mining & Exploration
  • Ranching & Agriculture


Our patent pending suspension conversion offers unprecedented management of center of gravity and center of mass for the converted 4×4 vehicle. Wildertec Suspension offers any level of driver who has taken our driver orientation & training more safety, control and comfort while traversing complex terrain and steep slopes. Gyroscope-enabled & onboard air assisted technology provides two key advantages that develop this new standard in 4×4 transportation safety – terrain flotation and extreme side slope capability.


Also called ‘nominal ground pressure’, flotation is the measurement of the ability to stay above the terrain without sinking into it, where traction is the lowest and environmental disturbance is the highest. At less than 2psi, our enhanced Ford F-150 truck converted with KXI Suspension has greater flotation than a walking adult. This level of flotation not only equips the vehicle with the traction to reach some of the most remote locations on earth, but it also leaves virtually no disturbance of the ground, wildlife or plant life in its path.

KXI Wildertec Flotion Comparison

Wildertec™ Suspension Offer Unparalleled Flotation and make a Ford F150 lighter per square inch than a walking adult


Vehicles of all types are rendered useless on slippery side slopes, even on slopes as small as a 5% gradient. Their inability to adjust for any variance in their center of gravity means that the tires on the low side of the slope could have >90% of the vehicle mass pushing on them, driving them into the terrain, potentially leading to slipping down the slope or in extreme cases, causing rollover.

wildertec suspension
The Evolution of Vehicle Suspension - From solid axel to independent axel to KXI


Vehicle converted to Wildertec Suspension System maintain even weight distribution between all tires, even on aggressive side slopes, by balancing the suspension and tire pressure of each individual tire. With nearly a 2ft differential clearance, 20″ of suspension travel and an agile 35ft turning radius provided by the 4-wheel steering, workers can now can safely access millions of miles of rugged terrain, previously only accessible via more expensive and dangerous means of helicopter or small single-track vehicle


Central Air Inflation

In addition to adjusting tire pressure for optimal traction, the on-board central air inflation system provides a leak guard technology, where in the unlikely event of a puncture or leak to the triple sidewall protection tires, the tires will stay inflated in order to return home. Our tires are designed to deliver maximum safety and control at various tire air pressures, from low to highway speeds.

Autostabilize Mode

The suspension utilizes gyroscope-enabled technology that communicates with the central air system to maintain a balanced vehicle cabin and assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle at all times.

A new standard in 4×4 transportation safety.

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