KXI Wildertec

KXI™ Wildertec™ Trailer

Makes light work of hauling heavy equipment.

Designed to go anywhere the KXI Suspension-equipped vehicle can take you as well as any other tow vehicle

Includes 100L backup fuel tank complete with dedicated pump & nozzle

Features KXI Wildertec tires and beadlock aluminum wheels

Carry >2,000 lb of additional cargo or equipment through even the most rugged terrain

KXI Wildertec Trailer

Navigating dangerous terrain is difficult enough when transporting people. Add thousands of pounds of equipment and the risk of damage, rollover, equipment loss, and ecological harm grows exponentially.

The KXI™ Wildertec™ Trailer, featuring KXI™ Suspension, comes standard with a 3,500-lb axle rating. Haul any payload with confidence and maximum efficiency.


Take your equipment further than even before

Integrates with your existing fleet pick-ups or KXI vehicle

KXI-converted vehicles cause less ground disturbance than a human walking over the same terrain.

  • 1600lb trailer with 3500lb axel rating
  • 100L backup fuel tank with gas nozzle
  • 200L of key-secured and weather-proof storage compartments
  • Available with initial attack wildfire suppression equipment or clean energy generator
Customizable for
Any Job

More than just storage.

Outfit your trailer with custom equipment. Thanks to partnerships with our suppliers, you can outfit your KXI™ Wildertec Trailer with initial attack wildfire suppression equipment, a clean energy generator and more.

Wildfire equipment and generator are available by special order – contact us for more information.

callout kxi wildertec truck and trailer

Built on the KXI
Suspension System

Taking the guesswork out of wilderness travel.

The KXI™ Suspension System is KIQ X Industries’ flagship product. Designed to reduce the risk of rollovers, KXI Suspension provides more traction, more maneuverability, and a smoother ride – plus a few other added features that make work faster, easier, safer and more environmentally sustainable.

Learn more about
KXI Suspension technology

Wildertec™ Body Panels

KXI™ Wildertec™ Tires

Outfit your fleet with
the next generation
of 4×4 equipment.

Our Legacy

Environmental Sustainability

As we understand that robust and dependable transportation in remote areas can be life-giving, KIQ X Industries has taken precautions to ensure our vehicles, their accessories, and their use are as sustainable as possible.

Indigenous Peoples

KIQ X Industries is at the early stages of developing an Indigenous Strategy to support British Columbia’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Canada’s government’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission “Calls to Action”, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Employee Health & Welfare

KIQ X Industries employees are our most valuable resource. We endeavour to create an environment built on mutual respect that is free from discrimination, violence or harassment.

Customer Satisfaction

Our economy requires the movement of people and goods. At KIQ X Industries, we are committed to ensuring wilderness workers and their equipment get to their destination as safely and efficiently as possible.

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